Richard is a director and director of photography who has worked around the world directing television commercials, short films, documentaries and music videos. He is also a talented digital artist with a formidable knowledge of post-production. He is known for his powerful performances, evocative imagery and technical mastery.


As a writer Richard has written original television and feature film screenplays including adaptations of the novels Chameleon by Richard Hains and Rant by Chuck Palahniuk. He has also completed commissions for short stories including co-writing and directing the highly acclaimed multi-award winning Academy Award short-listed film, A Message From Fallujah.


Richard is a co-owner of Luscious International and is available direct for international work or through Luscious for work within Australia.

For international inquiries email Richard or for Australian work contact Richard or Luscious.

Director’s Guild Of America
Australian Cinematographer’s Society
Australian Writer’s Guild